Get Things Done Together

Collaboration is important not just because it's a better way to work, but because it is a part of equipping the employees for effectiveness, sharing and networking in an ever-changing business environment. With 365appz collaboration features, users can collaborate to make each of their efforts more productive, more efficient and more enjoyable.

Document Handling

Easy access to documents from single/ multiple document libraries

Synchronize and access your files to make sure that the latest versions of your documents are always available to you. With 365appz, users can access files from single or multiple document libraries. At one go, you can get the information on latest modifications like who edited the document and when was the document edited.

Contact List

Increase business efficiency by creating localized contact lists

With 365appz, build a localized contact list of the employees. This would display contacts of users in a project or a department or a site. An external contacts list can also be created with secure and limited access. Users can look up for the contacts of clients, leads, etc. with ease and can search people based on their expertise.


View events from SharePoint Calendars

With 365appz, users can easily schedule single or recurring events, share detailed information about the event and categorize them as well. Solution allows employees to see all events from different SharePoint Calendars in a single view.

Social Engagement

A better social intranet for encouraging engagement

Encourage new dialogues and conversations with 365appz. Social features like reviews, comments, likes, etc. are associated with most of the add-ins, enabling your employees to voice their opinions like never before. Leverage 365appz to make a meaningfully engaged workplace.

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