Communicate for Real Business Value

Modern work environment means increase of remote workers, collaboration with different teams for various projects, growing consultancy from off-site experts and much more. All this calls for communication without boundaries. 365appz is the features laden tool that opens clear lines of communication between the employees.

News and Announcements

Grab attention with sleek designs

You can now flash news and announcements, without any quantitative limitation. With clean and sleek designs, your news and announcements area grabs attention of the users. This add-in comes with features of adding images, text, making it more visually appealing. Users can also view the news as per the publishing date using the publishing date filter.

Blogs and Articles

Blogs and articles are now much more presentable

365appz empowers users to flawlessly design the content by utilizing the robust, WYSIWYG ‘What You See Is What You Get’ feature. Without being IT experts or graphics designers, users can easily create html templates, configure rich text content and showcase it in various formats. They can customize their content by providing formatted texts, tables, hyperlinks, images and charts.


Publish your high priority messages

Every organization faces situations wherein important messages, alerts etc. have to be spread to all possible employees with maximum impact. 365appz provides effective display of these messages / alerts to generate maximum outreach and maximum impact. The alerts can be linked to detailed description on a separate page. You can regulate the alerts by putting publishing and expiry dates.


Provide the most looked-for information

Use the power of 365appz FAQs to enhance the intranet experience of the employees and to create dedicated FAQs for different departments or product lines. Bestow your employees with dynamic, user friendly UI, suitable even for smaller screens, such as mobile and tablets.

Video Player

Play Rich Videos

365Appz has an amazing feature to publish rich video files on intranet. Videos can be added from YouTube, Vimeo, Embedded code and from SharePoint library. Create a central repository of videos, enabling your employees to view or to use the videos when required.

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