An NGO for Early Learning Professionals selects 365appz intranet solution as its digital workplace partner

Dec 4, 2019

Digital workplace provider NGenious Apps L.L.C. is pleased to announce deployment of “365appz” digital workplace solution for NGO of Early Learning Professionals based at Hillsborough County.

The NGO specializes in the funding and delivery of quality early childhood care & education after-school programs and services to the children & families of Hillsborough County. For over 15 years, the NGO has been working collaboratively with agencies throughout the community to provide a wide spectrum of early learning services.

This is a single-county coalition with its main office located in Tampa, Florida. This NGO is the third largest early learning coalition in the state of Florida in terms of the number of children served, service area, and funding levels. They provide leadership in shaping collaborative partnerships that build diverse, high-quality childcare systems accessible to all Hillsborough County children and families. They serve an average of 20,000 children and families per day via programs. The NGO has been on the lookout for a solution that would help in managing all critical company documents, sharing information, engaging within the organization, collaborating with colleagues, expressing opinions, giving feedback, and much more.

This NGO has collaborated with NGenious Apps L.L.C. as its preferred Digital partner. It believes that 365appz comes as one unified solution for the company which takes care of collaboration, communication, employee engagement and knowledge sharing needs of organizations while creating a high-performance culture.

365appz, which is a proprietary product of NGenious Apps L.L.C. has been developed as an alternative to design-from-scratch intranets. It is a Ready-to-Go Solution, available on SharePoint On-Premise & Office 365 platforms. 365appz comes with 21 different SharePoint add-ins, with multiple page layouts and custom themes. Digital workplace platforms are the ‘next generation’ of intranet-based communication tools and 365appz is one of the leading players in the sector. This features-stacked solution is providing a high return on investments to businesses on their intranet.

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